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Category: Television

NFL Is King, Dominates TV Ratings

It’s a good time to be an NFL broadcast partner. Business is good.

Really good.

The NFL has been the kingpin of professional American sports viewership, and television ratings recently released by the league drive home that point. The NFL dominated the fall television calendar – and not just in comparison to sports.

Entourage cameos: Sports stars

One of the most popular television shows of the last eight years has been HBO’s Entourage, becoming a fixture in pop culture by blending together the public’s interest in movies, television, music, sports and stars.

One of the trademark aspects of the show, especially in recent years, has been the prevalence of the cameo. Everyone from Matt Damon to LeBron James to Kanye West have appeared on the show, making Entourage as somewhat of a right of passage in popular culture.

In honor of the series’ final episode on Sunday, I’ve decided to put together a list of all the sports cameos from the last eight seasons.

Beyonce and the VMA’s: What can we learn?

The news that Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement sparked the largest spike ever in Twitter activity—far more than major news or sporting event—prompted this reaction from many people: “What is wrong with society?”

I heard that response about five times today. I saw it on Twitter about 100 times.

The reality that Beyonce’s “baby bump” could lead to 8,868 tweets per second (TPS) seemed shocking, especially when the final minutes of the women’s World Cup Final generated 7,196 TPS and breaking news of terror leader Osama bin Laden’s death lead to 5,106 TPS.