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Ravens Proud Of Their Fight Despite Frustrating Season

As Ravens players packed their bags in Cincinnati after the final game of the season, Head Coach John Harbaugh slowly made his way around the entire locker room.

Instead of going directly to his post-game press conference like most weeks, Harbaugh stayed in the locker room to spend more time with his team. He went from player to player, shaking hands, patting their backs and having extended conversations with some.

He made a point of talking with every player on the roster, from the veteran leaders to the practice squad, and he repeatedly expressed how proud he was of the team despite their 5-11 record.

NFL Is King, Dominates TV Ratings

It’s a good time to be an NFL broadcast partner. Business is good.

Really good.

The NFL has been the kingpin of professional American sports viewership, and television ratings recently released by the league drive home that point. The NFL dominated the fall television calendar – and not just in comparison to sports.

John Harbaugh’s Ultimate Mission: Dynasty

Why Can’t That Be Us?

John Harbaugh sat across the table from Ravens’ team executives and laid out a vision for the organization.

Harbaugh, then a little-known position coach and former special teams coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, talked about culture, and respect, and family and tradition. He discussed the values he wanted in his team, and shared the process it would take to get there.

In the meeting, he delivered a message that resonated with those in charge of the franchise. He talked directly and openly about winning championships. Multiple championships. Then he leaned forward and smiled.

“Why can’t we be a championship team?” Harbaugh asked during his interview in 2008.

Reflections From Super Bowl XLVII

The last six weeks have been a bit of a blur.

I’ve had plenty of late nights and early mornings, working at an exhausting pace to cover the Baltimore Ravens run to Super Bowl XLVII. It’s been the most exciting and rewarding time of my professional career, and the experience was something that I hope to never forget.

I’ve now had a little time to decompress – to wean my system off of a constant stream of caffeine and drain all the New Orleans fried food out of my veins – and to appreciate the unique perspective I had throughout the ride to the most watched Super Bowl ever.

I truly had a front row seat for sports history.

DeAngelo Tyson Overcomes Hardship To Reach NFL

DeAngelo Tyson will never forget his seventh-grade Christmas.

He wanted a CD player and a pair of black Air Force One tennis shoes.

Tyson put those two items on his Christmas list and handed it to Kim Lamb, his school teacher who gave him support while he was living in a boys group home.

“She got me what I wanted,” he said.

The shoes and CD player weren’t all he got. Kim and her husband Chris eventually welcomed Tyson into their home.

What started as a Christmas gift has turned into a new family.

The Draft Interviews

A few weeks ago I was able to get my first taste of the NFL Draft as a member of the Ravens.

It was one of the most memorable and enjoyable weekends I’ve had since joining the team about six months ago. We worked long hours in a fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment, but that’s part of the fun for anyone who wants to enter the sports media business.

NFL’s slippery slope: Pryor decision protects league’s free farm system

One of the longstanding–but mostly unspoken–relationships in professional sports is between the NFL and NCAA. They’re separate entities, but the NFL reaps the benefits of college football providing a free farm system capped off with made-for-TV draft.

The NFL knows its has a cozy deal–one that the other professional leagues wish they could match–and the league showed on Thursday that it will do everything possible to protect that partnership.

Robiskie looks primed for breakout season

Twenty minutes after practice and Brian Robiskie is still on the field.

Most of his teammates have headed to the locker room, but Robiskie is busy signing autographs. As Robiskie casually jogs over to the sidelines, fans cheer, clap and shout.

Reflections on the last four years of covering Ohio sports

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the recent success of Ohio sports. People have grown accustomed to the championships, post-season runs and individual accolades, almost to the extent that we take them for granted.

Bobcats fans have been spoiled lately.

The past four years have truly been a golden era for Ohio Athletics. With post-season berths, national attention and individuals going on to play professionally, the Bobcats have enjoyed team and individual success on an unprecedented level for Ohio athletics.

OU star receiver boosts draft stock during bowl practices

Taylor Price knew he had to deliver.

As he traveled to the Senior Bowl last week in Mobile, Ala., the former Bobcat wide receiver had his future job on the line. The week of practice worked somewhat like a job interview, but instead of sitting behind a desk answering questions, Price had to prove himself to legions of NFL scouts who wanted to see if he could make it at the next level.