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Much of the content in this section was published on deadline by combining writing, broadcasting and video editing skills into a complete online package. This section demonstrates the kind of comprehensive coverage I am able to provide in a timely, accurate and entertaining fashion.

Team Behind The Team

As part of the Ravens’ digital team, we are constantly looking for ways to pull back the curtain to give fans a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes. Perhaps our greatest advantage compared to other media outlets is that we have access nobody else can match.

We put that access on full display in 2015 with a series of photo essays entitled Team Behind the Team. This five-part series focused on groups that have a critical role within the football operations, but their work largely happens out of the public view.

UNLV History Section of the Las Vegas Sun

This is a section I helped to design and put together as an intern with the Las Vegas Sun. I interviewed the specific legends and wrote all of the articles. I also helped with the design the  section, select the players to highlight and put together the photo galleries.

The following content was produced on-deadline for the and required me to produce an online video and write a game recap

Sox get the best of Cubs at Cashman

Las Vegas Sun, March 5, 2009

Alfonso Soriano brought Chicago Cubs fans to their feet during his first at-bat on Wednesday.

He drove a pitch to the wall, and the Cubs faithful hollered as they watched the fly ball sail to the warning track. White Sox fans shouted back as the ball was caught just short of the fence.

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Utah escapes with win over TCU

Las Vegas Sun, March 13, 2009

Lawrence Borha could do nothing but watch and wait. With his Utah Utes tied against TCU in the final seconds of the Mountain West Conference tournament quarterfinals, Borha camped out in the corner and waited for a chance.

The Utes’ Luka Drca dribbled at the top of the key, letting the clock tick down to about 10 seconds, then started his drive to the hoop. As Drca made his move to the basket, everyone collapsed on the ball.

Everyone except Bohra.

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