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Sometimes you have to move on…

… and that time has come for me.

At the end of this week, I’ll be packing up my life in Cleveland, and moving to Baltimore to work for the Baltimore Ravens digital media team.

Growing up as a sports fan, it has been a dream of mine to work in the NFL, and this job gives me the unique opportunity to fulfill that goal with one of the best franchises in the pro sports.

Analysis: Browns, Colt McCoy show toughness in victory

This was an article that I wrote on following the Browns 17-16 victory over Miami.

Cleveland Browns fans had seen the story before: missed opportunities followed by a late score and crushing defeat.

The difference, however, was that the Browns flipped the script this time around and found a way to win. The Browns came from behind with a late fourth quarter drive to beat the Dolphins 17-16, improving to 2-1 for the first time since 2002.

“Those are the types of games we need to start winning,” wide receiver Josh Cribbs said. “And we finally went out there and got it done today.”

Learning about media at the Schuneman Symposim

In the span of 10 months, it is amazing how much can change, and also stay the same.

I saw that first hand last week, when I returned to my alma mater Ohio University to be part of a panel for the annual Scripps Schuneman Symposium on Photojournalism and New Media.

Cavs give fans what they always wanted

CLEVELAND–This was what Cleveland fans wanted all along.

Hustle. Energy. Hard fouls.

It all showed something that Cavs fans didn’t see during that first game against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Heart.

Loss to Kentucky ends historic career for team’s seniors

NEWARK, N.J.–The journey for the three seniors on Ohio State’s team was supposed to end with cutting down the nets in Houston. Instead, it came to a sudden halt in Newark, N.J. as Kentucky’s game-winning shot with 5.4 seconds left dashed the Buckeyes’ hopes of a national championship.

“You never think about it ending,” said David Lighty, a Villa-Angela St. Joseph’s graduate. “Especially the way that it did.”

Covering BREAKING NEWS.. Blend the new and old-school

In the news business, every day has the potential to blow up with huge breaking story.

Last Wednesday was one of those days.

[Just to fill you in on a little background information… For the past two years, federal investigators have been building a bribery case against Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, a top government official in the county. On Wednesday, FBI agents arrested him and seven other officials, culminating the biggest government corruption probe in the area.]

This is one of the biggest stories of the year in Cleveland, and our newsroom had an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to our constant coverage, which was a great blend of new-age journalism and traditional reporting and storytelling skills.

That’s not scary, that’s how it should be

I’m about two months into my new gig with WEWS-TV/ in Cleveland, and I’m getting plenty of on the job training. The experience has been great, and I’ve spent much of my time learning the dynamics of a television newsroom.

I have enjoyed watching and listening as the newsroom continues to go through an evolution to get more in line with today’s era of digital journalism.

The newsroom has a wide range of personnel, from employees who have worked at the station for over 40 years, to me, who is 22 years old and has been there a couple of months.

Robiskie looks primed for breakout season

Twenty minutes after practice and Brian Robiskie is still on the field.

Most of his teammates have headed to the locker room, but Robiskie is busy signing autographs. As Robiskie casually jogs over to the sidelines, fans cheer, clap and shout.

An online approach to covering LeBron

I just started my third full week at WEWS in Cleveland, and in my short time with the station, I’ve been in the middle of the team’s web coverage for an earthquake, a national news story about a missing local child, and the biggest sports story in the country.

Not a bad way to start.

Covering an earthquake in a new media world

This week I started my new job as an online content producer with WEWS, the ABC affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio. I have worked for various newspapers, TV stations and online entities, but this position is my first “real” job out of college, and it is a great place to start my career. I am surrounded by smart and talented people, and I can learn so much by just watching those around me.

Maybe the best part about the job is the company’s commitment to the web. I have always viewed myself as a digital journalist and embraced the blurring lines between various mediums. With my new job, those lines are becoming non-existent, and days like today continue to convince me that the Internet has so many advantages over the old forms of media.