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Let’s go racin’

This weekend I got my first taste of the world of NASCAR at the Shelby 427 Sprint Cup Series at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. For someone who had never been to a NASCAR event, it was an interesting experience. You don’t realize how fast 200 MPH really is until you’re standing along the fence of the track and watching as the cars wiz by.

Also, you can’t really appreciate how big the track is until you’re standing there in the middle of it. Standing in the middle of the infield, you can’t even see the other side of the track.

NASCAR is an interesting sport because in person, watching the race isn’t really that great of a viewing experience. You can’t see all of the cars at once, and you spend a couple of hours watching cars drive in a circle. I think it’s much better to watch on TV. Still, NASCAR gets huge attendance numbers. HUGE.

ABout 120,000 came out to the race Sunday in Vegas. And one of the big reasons all these people come to the race has more to do with experience rather than the sport. People tailgate all weekend, and the race basically becomes one big party. In our coverage, we tried to capture some of this interest, and I wrote a story about the tailgaters.

Altogether, we blew up our coverage of the race. It seemed like half of our office was out covering the race, and during the week we had about 20 articles, 5 videos, several blogs and about 200 photos. Not bad for a newspaper!

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