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Tag: "New Media Thoughts"

That’s not scary, that’s how it should be

I’m about two months into my new gig with WEWS-TV/ in Cleveland, and I’m getting plenty of on the job training. The experience has been great, and I’ve spent much of my time learning the dynamics of a television newsroom.

I have enjoyed watching and listening as the newsroom continues to go through an evolution to get more in line with today’s era of digital journalism.

The newsroom has a wide range of personnel, from employees who have worked at the station for over 40 years, to me, who is 22 years old and has been there a couple of months.

Education and media in a new world

Last week I had the chance to participate in a Dean’s advisory board committee for the Scripps College of Communication. The College is preparing itself for arguably the biggest transition in its history, as it has to balance the university’s switch from quarters to semesters, and also physically move into a new building that will house all five schools in the college.

And during all of that, the College of Communication is trying to find ways to not only stay viable in the ever-changing media market, but to lay new ground for the future of the industry.

Google CEO offers insights into newspaper industry

It seems like every time a CEO of a successful technology company makes a speech or appears at a press conference, the one guaranteed question is, “what can be done to save the newspaper industry?”

That is just expected, especially when newspaper reporters have the chance to ask questions.

Early iPad reviews show product still has room to improve

After several weeks of anticipation, Apple’s iPad debuted this weekend and its first-generation users had a chance to see if the new tablet computer really has the potential to change the media landscape.

The iPad had no shortage of hype surrounding its release, but after combing through several reviews for the new product, it seems like Apple’s latest innovation may not shake the media industry like some had expected. The initial gut reaction from the product is that the iPad is more of a toy than an evolution in media consumption.