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Google CEO offers insights into newspaper industry

It seems like every time a CEO of a successful technology company makes a speech or appears at a press conference, the one guaranteed question is, “what can be done to save the newspaper industry?”

That is just expected, especially when newspaper reporters have the chance to ask questions.

With that in mind, it is no surprise that Google CEO Eric Schmidt addressed that topic Sunday when he spoke to a group of newspaper executives. During his presentation, Schmidt offered optimism for the survival of journalism, and encouraged newspapers to seek out new kinds of content delivery, specifically through mobile devices that personalize content.

That statement should come at no surprise to anyone tuned into the media landscape, as mobile delivery is quickly becoming a preferred means of media consumption.

People want news on their phones, plain and simple.

Also, as Schmidt explained, the personalization of news is critical for media outlets. Delivering personalized content on mobile devices will be absolutely necessary for news entities to be viable. People increasingly want their information delivered to them, rather than searching for it, and they want that information to mesh with kind of news they want to consume.

The technology exists for news to become more personalized than ever, and news sites should take advantage of that opportunity. Personalizing the news to the viewer’s previous consumption habits is a basic and effective strategy for news outlets to employ, and as Schmidt explains, it is an approach that can increase profitability by opening the door for directed advertising.

Newspapers are desperately seeking ways to be profitable, and providing personalized news is certainly a good place to start.

If a news site is able to tell you what you want to read or watch, before your even know that you want to view that content, then people will want that. We can connect with that. That is easy.

We like easy.


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